Interested in working with me, have a small (or perhaps not-so-small) query, or just want to chat about the creative storytelling that can be accomplished with sound? Shoot me an email below, and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.


I use Pro Tools and Reason to create, edit, and mix sound.  I have done post production sound for films, mixed and mastered music, and have been the recording engineer for various types of music, including rock, metal, classical, jazz, and contemporary.  I also love doing field recording to capture sounds in their natural habitats.

I am familiar not only with the recording of, but also the composition of music. I play bass, guitar, and euphonium, have knowledge of music theory.  I believe that knowledge of different art forms is important when creating anything, and applying this knowledge can help create something new, original, and breathtaking.


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