After years of not being able to find a stable band, Tim Chimes and Bruce Vermett decided it was time to take control. They would write what they knew, and just let the music flow as naturally as it could, commonly producing epics of unfathomable lengths (well, typically 6 to 20 minutes)! When it came to a band name, it was decided between the two musicians that the name would be Owl, which they felt would accurately represent the band.

All over the world, the Owl is perceived as figures representing wisdom, demons, divine messengers, and “birds of ill-omen,” which Tim and Bruce felt represented the music, as it can be fast, heavy, and relentless, but it can also be calm, melodic, and peaceful. While writing and recording their debut owlbum, Big Picture, Brad Babcock (Common Hatred, MONSTROSADUS) stepped in for vocal duty, and has since become a member of the group.